Wow! I loved this recipe! I didn't have any mint extract so I put in a bunch of after eight chocolates and blended them along with it and it gave it a nice minty taste. I also added a bit more ice cream to make it thicker. I will definitely make it again!!

This was great! I didn't measure the milk, just kept adding until it was the consistancy that I wanted. Great flavor and very pretty to look at. The girls loved this for a treat today after lunch. I will be making these again~YUM!

Some recipes say not to use peppermint extract, but that was all I had on hand and it worked just fine. As others stated, I added less milk...probably 1 cup of milk per 2 cups of ice cream. I will never again buy a Shamrock shake from McDonald's! Last year when I got one, it tasted a bit odd and I think it was the dye they used. And...for about $6 I was able to make about 10 shakes for my family.

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