We loved this! It was so easy and the directions were perfect as far as cooking time. The 25 minutes was exactly precise. I liked that the recipe did not have to even be flipped adding to the ease while busy. I made a few changes based on what I could find at the store. I could not find the specific seasoning.

So, I used an equal amount of Italian seasoning and added 1/4 tsp of garlic powder and a very small pinch of salt. The store I went to did not have any small packs of chicken breasts left. I went with thin cut turkey cutlets. It was about a 1 lb package and it worked perfect. They almost sort of tasted like a pork chop. I would recommend trying this poultry also.

I was able to to bread six pieces and line them up with space on a baking sheet. I lined my sheet with foil and sprayed with cooking spray and there was no real issues with sticking. I will definitely make this again. It was flavorful, the meat was tender, and the coating was nice and crunchy.

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