I just tried this recipe I made almost everything as directed. I did not put a whole cup of coffee because I didn't have enough ice in the fridge. I used 1/2 cup brewed coffee and if you do have enough ice use 3/4 of a cup try cooling the coffee off a bit with a cube or two while you are placing the other ingredients in the blender.

I also used my 1/3 cup homemade salted caramel I made a few days ago in the recipe. I blended altogether but before i poured it into my glass i poured some caramel down inside the sides of my glass then poured the blender mix inside. DELICIOUS

This was AMAZING!!!!!!!! I have to admit I was a little scared at first to try it, because I mean I have been trying to find a recipe of a copy-cat Starbucks Frap and all the other ones were nasty. When I can make a better one at home! I used Whole Milk, and instead of regular coffee, I used the Starbucks caramel flavored roast I also put some Vanilla Ice Cream in it to make it a little creamier! But, this is awesome

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