Deep Fried Cookie Dough

This is a heart attack on a plate, folks....but you might as well die happy. I NEVER thought I would EVER make anything like this, figuring it was just junk. But the deep fryer was out, the oil was clean, and I had all the ingredients.

So....anyhow. I tasted the first one, then ate it. Then ate another one. Gosh. It was good. Now, the funny thing is I cook for a living and one of my snootiest clients tried one and is bound and determined that we will serve these, with homemade ice cream, as dessert at her next dinner party. I love it! The best things are the simplest, oldest and most Southern-inspired.

I bet this came out of GA or AL or one of those wonderful-food places, where everything is truly yummy, full of flavor and not covered with some kind of reduction or deconstruction. Paula Dean rocks!!! Fry that Oreo! Next, I'm going to do Golden Oreos, fried, with chocolate ice cream.

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