My husband and I just came back from a cruise where they served the most wonderful tiramisu. I made this recipe for his birthday, and it tastes even BETTER than the cruise ship's recipe.

I was so pleased with this! You MUST double the filling amount, as others have said. I used Milano cookies instead of ladyfingers, too. Mascarpone is hard to find... it's usually in the "fancy cheese" section of the grocery store, by the deli. Thanks, Kallista, for this GREAT dish!

I've eaten a lot of tiramisu, but this is definitely the best tiramisu I've had. I choose this recipe because I forgot to get half and half and this was the only recipe that didn't use any. I was so skeptical while making this-I didn't know if I beat the eggs long enough and I was worried the filling was too bland. But once it all came together it was perfect!

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