A delicious and healthy twist on the classic poppy seed muffin. Delicious muffins! To make them vegan I used EnerG eggs instead, used melted coconut oil instead of vegetable oil, and vanilla almond milk (reducing vanilla extract to 1 tsp and omitting the almond extract). These baked beautifully and they are moist and hearty. I suggest you use muffin liners, or grease and flour the nonstick pan, if you don't have cooking spray, since using olive oil made them stick badly in my first batch. The long bake time and 300F temperature worked perfectly. This made 16 normal size muffins for me. I will gladly make these again!

Perfect for the lunch box, the breakfast/brunch table, or the coffee room at work. A moist muffin. I have made these a few times and found that this works best.First off, in order to get the health benefits of Chia seeds, they need to be soaked. The longer they soak the more health benefits you get. So I highly recommend adding the chia seeds to the orange juice and let it sit for at least 10 minutes or longer. While mixing the wet ingredients, I thought there was ALOT of liquid for only one cup of flour.


Very good flavor, just fell apart very easily. Could use a little more sweetness, too. But overall~ very healthy and tasty muffin. This has become a favourite in our house of non-muffin-lovers. That said, I've healthed up the recipe substantially. To writ: no more sugar and cinnamon topping.

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